Hallowed Eve

Today Halloween is the great leveller, in Derry at least. Rich, poor and everything in between – everyone gets dressed up and is someone or something else. It’s like the medieval idea of the carnival. Everything gets mixed up and messed up. The king becomes the fool for a day and vice versa. It is the celebration of the overturning of life. No one is noticeable and yet everyone is noticeable at the same time. I think this has become prevalent in Derry in particular due to it’s own unique history and has become embedded in our culture over the years. Derry has embraced the sense of the carnival and made it its own for Halloween. During the festival everyone is inclusive despite their social standing or background. It has become a moment, a day, a night to shake of the shackles of life. There becomes a freedom in losing yourself in character, under greasepaint, masks and unusual attire.